Painting Styles

2016 Paintings – Exciting times ahead.

My husband and I moved to California for 6 months in 2013 and bought a house in Lake Arrowhead, in the mountain ranges above Los Angeles. It was here that I first began painting in oil paints. The island painting below is of a small island on the edge of the lake where holiday makers have picnics. The water is so deep that it appears very dark in colour quite close to the shore.


Stephanie Burns, Island In the Lake, Oil on Linen
Stephanie Burns Island In the Lake 2013
Oil on Linen

In May, I fly out to Los Angeles again to paint coastal scenes of California and iconic symbols like the Hollywood sign in her unique style for a new US TV Series. The twenty five minute documentary about my life and work is a segment of Colour In Your Life  which will be filmed in Los Angeles and released internationally later in 2016. All of the paintings will be for sale.


I have been painting landscapes of iconic Australian places from an aerial viewpoint for a number of years. The paintings depict aerial views of Sydney Harbour, seascapes and beach scenes that are highly romantic portrayals of a modern concern for Australia’s coast in an age of climate change. I look forward to using this perspective to paint the beaches in California and Catalina Island while I am there.

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