Whales And Other Cetacea

Migaloo and other Cetacea

Migaloo is the white humpback whale that travels up and down the east coast of Australia each migration season. He was sighted recently slapping his fluke on the surface of the ocean and frolicking with another humpback. If you would like to lean more about Migaloo and why I paint him please click this link for the catalalogue. Migaloo the white humpback whale  

I have painted Migaloo twenty four times over the last 3 years. For me he epitomises freedom, the joyous way he moves through the ocean is an inspiration to us all. All the clients who own these whale paintings speak of the great joy that they give them. With the paintings of Migaloo the clients feel the paintings are the great white whale, they are with him when they look at them and they feel peace and happiness. If you would like a painting of Migaloo or any of the other Cetaceans I paint please a contact me through the form below.

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