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Aerial Beach Painting Demonstration with life musings.

Motivational Video.

Stephanie talking about painting, life and the creative process.


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Today I entered my first Art Prize in many years

In September I return to Australia after a 10 month residency in Los Angeles.

I needed time out to build a body of paintings away for the public in the privacy of my studio.

For many years my work sold even before I finished painting or through private commissions. One hundred and thirty artworks, paintings and sculptures sold in a very few years.

I felt depleted and needed time away to think and create in private, perhaps even in secret. During this time I was in an exhibition in Los Angeles, Elysium Verto. Large works were exhibited alongside artist friends and some of the great masters, Francis Bacon and Delacroix to name a few. The exhibition was curated by Laurence Fuller and contained my latest paintings and older works including sculptures. Click here to read the Blog

Because I sold most of my current and past stock during those crazy 4 years I had no work to enter prizes. Now I do and these two flower pantings have been entered into the Paddington Art Prize. A new life begins, I have found my wings and will again fly.

Lilium Artist’s Statement

It was my dear Aunt’s funeral. We had just buried her and the mourners were all gone but immediate family. Looking around the dry desert graveyard on a hot summers day there was one bright spark of life. These Liliums lay on the ground, wrapped in cellophane, waving at us as though she was there. Ooohoo, here I am darlings, don’t leave me here.

When we took them back to the house and I put them in a vase they came to life, opening with more abundance each day.

There was no note on the flowers, it probably blew away with the wind. Perhaps Fran left them there for us so she could be around just that little bit longer.

My time with my dear aunt has finished but I had more time than others because I got to paint this flower and hear her voice while doing so for several more months.

In Memory of Frances Burns.

Lilium 2018, By Stephanie Burns
Lilium 2018, By Stephanie Burns, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 48 in, © Stephanie Burns



Sunflower Artist’s Statement

Almost figurative, verging on a having a personality.

Bought at my local farmer’s market in Hollywood, Los Angeles on a recent residency. This flower welcomed me to the dawn of each day. Brining memories of art lives past and mentors honoured.


Sunflower 2018, Stephanie Burns, sunflower, oil painting, sunflower painting, art, artist, post impressionism, impressionist
Sunflower 2018, By Stephanie Burns, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 48 in, © Stephanie Burns
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Migaloo Calf


A baby white whale has been spotted off the state’s far north coast.

Image Credit © Kynan Wall 2018
Yirili Image Credit © Kynan Wall 2018


This week Kynan Wall got in touch with me when I posted his image on Instagram with the story about the sighting of a white humpback calf being sighted off the east coast of Australia.

As you all know I have painted the great white humpback whale, Migaloo, twenty five times now.

I have amazing news. Kynan has given me permission to create paintings based on his images. I usually change images I see and let my imagination move the creatures around in my mind. Kynan’s photographs are pretty amazing though so I am really grateful for the permission.

My new paintings of Yirili will be available for commission or pre-purchase over the next 6  months. As will all the Migaloo paintings there will be 3 sizes, small medium and large, and all will be in oil paint. Contact for more information.

During our conversation I learnt more about the calf and Kynan.

“Hi! Love your work!
It’d be great if you’d like to paint Yirili using my photo!
(I’m not indigenous… just thought it’d be nice to acknowledge the local bundjalung people and name the calf using the local language)

I am a sailor and a pilot and if this pic can raise awareness for doing something about helping the ocean it would be absolutely amazing!” Kynan Wall

Video courtesey of Kynan Wall. Still image from Kynan Wall and Out Of The Blue Adventures

Click here to watch video White Whale Calf Spotted Off Lennox Head

Image Credit © Kynan Wall 2018
Yirili Image Credit © Kynan Wall 2018


I first heard of the calf through a story reported in

By Bruce MacKenzie and Leah White

Kynan Wall saw what appears to be an albino humpback calf while he was para-gliding near Lennox Head on the weekend.

He said it was a special experience.

“We see whales a lot when we’re flying along there but I’ve never seen a whale calf that was that pale or even that small,” Mr Wall said.

“So it was obviously a very new whale and quite a special thing to see.”I was pretty excited to I got a few photos and a bit of video as well.”

A reminder of past Migaloo portraits and commissions.
Strangely I painted Yirili 5 years ago, before he was born.
The Beauty of Whales by Stephanie Burns
The Beauty of Whales 2013 by Stephanie Burns Oil on Canvas 121 x 199 cm SOLD © Stephanie Burns


Migaloo, Jumping, Stephanie Burns
Migaloo Jumping By Stephanie Burns Oil on Canvas 91 x 152 cm SOLD © Stephanie Burns


Stephanie Burns, Migaloo and Shark
Stephanie Burns, Migaloo and Shark 2013 Oil on canvas 215 x 122 cm SOLD © Stephanie Burns



Stephanie Burns, Migaloo Slapping 2013 Oil on canvas 137 x 198 cm SOLD © Stephanie Burns



Stephanie Burns, Migaloo’s lazy morning 2013 Oil on canvas, 121 x 182 cm SOLD © Stephanie Burns



Stephanie Burns, Migaloo Diving 2013 Oil on canvas, 168 x 199 cm SOLD


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In The Middle Of Nowhere

I was struggling with the title of this painting. The painting has been finished for more than a month and a name wasn’t coming.
This work encompasses so much, there were too many influences in the end and I simplified.

All my work is mathematical, it speaks in other languages besides words and image and is open to many interpretations.
It suggests music, the intricacies of microscopic worlds or the vastness of space.
The colors are based on a place we lived when I was a small child. Exmouth, a place where the red desert meets the dark sea. Also an American base at the time, no town back then. My young parents were adventurous taking two small children to live in a caravan in the desert.

At one point I wondered off into the desert alone. Fear crept in as I realised I was lost and alone. Looking down at the red earth and my tiny feet in appropriate shoes. I came across a snake. This is one of my first memories and it’s like a picture in my mind. Look at at the tiny sand dune I had to walk up to see over each time. The spiky grass bushes. Around the moment of the snake slithering off. I have memories of an Aboriginal family in traditional clothing walking parallel to me on a rise in the distance. They didn’t approach. They just walked me to my friend’s camp and left.

As I get older more memories come back from this time and this amazing place. In the middle of nowhere… In the middle of nowhere only exists in space now as we have filled all the middles with places.

Other influences. Australia in general, Impressionism, aerial view, memories, an artist friend Robert Natkin, Damian Hirst, tattoos, my previous paintings.


Algebra by Stephanie Burns
Algebra by Stephanie Burns 2018 Oil on Canvas 60 x 48 cm
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Painting a Bay

I’m staying at a friend’s on the south coast of WA. The whales are jumping in the open ocean and the view from the headland is gorgeous. This is the kind of view I imagined when I had the idea we should move here a year ago. 

So fortunate to be an artist.


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Artist donates large oil painting of Long Beach to Australian Theatre Company (ATC) in LA for their live auction at the Annual Gala October 1, 2016

I was inspired to help the ATC build for the future because of her family’s history on stage and screen in Los Angeles.  The films that sprung from their time inspire us and the theatre is the place where we can play. The ‘play’ has evolved into many things, not just entertainment but thought provoking drama, psychological exploration, high art and more.

There must always be live theatre!

I have been exhibiting for over 30 years. My paintings and sculptures have won a number of prizes and been a finalist in the Fleurieu Art Prize, the Blake prize, Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London and exhibited at art fairs in London and throughout Australia. Over one hundred and twenty of my paintings have sold in the last three years.

My inspiration is drawn from the natural world.

Palm Trees Longbeach by Stephanie Burns
Palm Trees Longbeach by Stephanie Burns 2016
Oil on canvas
36 x 48 in
© Stephanie Burns

I am essentially a Post Impressionist artist in the era of global warming. Inspired by the innate beauty of life and the sea.

The ATC has been working tirelessly over the years to shine a light on Australian arts in the USA, providing opportunities for Australian actors and actresses, directors, producers, writers and crew to showcase their talents.   My son, Laurence Fuller, is a very active member of the Australian arts community in Los Angeles, another reason I felt so drawn to support this wonderful artistic cause.

The painting I donated was created for an episode of the TV program “Put Some Colour in Your Life” which can be viewed on YouTube follow the link here to see the painting in progress.

ATC’s Annual Gala is on October 1st in Los Angeles

The event will be hosted by the Australian Consul-General in Los Angeles commencing at 5pm

Join ATC for an evening of cocktails, canapés and entertainment, plus a live auction of incredible prizes and experiences including:

– Return airfares to Australia courtesy of Qantas plus an accommodation package at The Langham Hotel Sydney

– Painting by Australian artist Stephanie Burns valued at $5000

– 2 night stay at Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita Mexico

– 2 tickets to Human Nature’s “Jukebox – Pop. Soul. Motion & More” including a meet and greet at the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

Tickets are available by calling 310-467-8291 or email 

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Creating Balance In Your Life

Creating a balance in your life between high energy and invigorating stimuli and meditative and contemplative moments can be achieved with paintings. I paint landscapes and seascapes for your aesthetic pleasure and that of your family.

We are here to enhance your every day life through imagination and creativity. Take a look at the range of paintings I have available for sale and see if any of them suit your home here.

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From The Esoteric To The Abstract, Is Art Too Difficult

Stephanie Burns The Song

Is art too hard for most people. I don’t think so. Art museums wouldn’t be one of the main attractions for tourism if art was too difficult. Art is rarefied, enigmatic, obscure, mysterious, art may be little known, hard and perplexing. But, human beings consider art to be special. Arts difference sets it apart from the norm. Consider this mother and son conversation;

“I said to my mother as we walked, that I was worried my interests lately had been too esoteric. Investing myself in the ethereal realms of art and philosophy the past two years in pursuit of finding my father amongst the relics of the 20th Century art world (Peter Fuller Project). Had been so complex and it consumed my life, I wondered if there was ultimately any point to it all in a world that was ultimately driven by capital, a crisis of faith not helped by the fact that I had studied existentialism for Road To The Well to get inside the characters skin at the bequest of the director. Which served as my greatest inspiration for the experience and, yet for at least a year after we wrapped I found myself in the grips of that same void, wrestling with intellectual riddles which set me both apart and directly in the centre of the world around me.

She told me how at art school she would tell people that Monet was passé, because of his popularity in mainstream culture, but now she paints homages to his Waterlilies and her work is firmly in line with post-Impressionism. She told me that artistic life tends to flow in circles like that, periods of resistance and at times feelings reverence towards the same inspiration. The only thing that remains the same is the image, or the film/painting.” Laurence Fuller read more…

Art stays the same, it doesn’t change once made. Art whether film or a painting is of its time. Perhaps that is part of arts importance to us we can look at it and feel secure, safe and on solid ground. While everything else has changed that particular artwork or piece has stayed the same. Perhaps that is also why artworks that change become less important to us over time.

Antiques that have been broken and repaired are of less value than the same or similar antiques that are in the same condition they were made.

We love art even if it is esoteric.

Stephanie Burns, Luna Park, Sydney
Stephanie Burns Luna Park Sydney 2014
Acrylic on canvas
198 x 198 cm
© Stephanie Burns
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Art Was Night And Day

Stephanie Burns and Laurence Fuller

“We really lived in a milieu of artists writers and philosophers, so everything was art. People like Roger Scruton, who is a British philosopher, and Howard Jacobson who is a prize winning novelist, all these people were just part of our milieu so art was night and day.” Stephanie Burns, Fine Art Tips with Colour In Your Life

Sir Sidney Nolan, Peter Fuller and Charles Rycroft
Sir Sidney Nolan, Peter Fuller and Charles Rycroft

Watch Stephanie as she paints Long Beach in California while talking to Graeme Stevenson about art life and the human condition.

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Follow An Artist’s Journey Finding The Inspiration To Paint

“It’s really difficult to talk about nature.  I think that’s because we feel nature and we smell nature and in some ways that’s sort of like art, too.  It’s hard to talk about art, it’s something that we feel … I try and paint that feeling” – Stephanie Burns on “Put Some Colour in Your Life”.

In June I travelled to Catalina Island with my son, Laurence Fuller, to find the inspiration for my next paintings. Follow me on the journey as we fly over the island in a helicopter, dive under the water in a submarine and take a boat out to search for Sea Lions.

It starts in the helicopter as we get our bearings of the island.

My camera man looks pretty cool getting off the chopper in the video of my search for inspiration.

Avalon Catalina Island from the helicopter
Avalon Catalina Island from the helicopter

Catalina is much larger than I expected, too large for me to do an aerial painting of the Island and add in people and architectural features. It was great to see the island from  this perspective and feel what it is like from an eagles vantage point. This view might work as a painting.

We get on the semi-submersible sub Nautilus and head out to Lover’s Cove. An area I spot from the helicopter with aqua water and scuba divers.

Stephanie Burns getting on the Semi Submersible Submarine Catalina Island in search inspiration
Stephanie Burns getting on the Semi Submersible Submarine Catalina Island in search inspiration

Although it was great to see the fish the underwater experience did not give me that special feeling I need for a painting.

Stephanie Burns on Nautilus
Stephanie Burns on Nautilus Catalina Island

Out on a boat in search of dolphins and sea lions just past Lover’s Cove that moment of excitement and anticipation swept over me. Up ahead we saw a pontoon covered in sea lions, as we approached a young male slipped into the water.

Sea Lions on the pontoon at Catalina
Sea Lions on the pontoon at Catalina
Sea Lion Catalina
Sea Lion Catalina

Then the moment happened, all of my senses where alert. The smell of the sea lions can be a shock at first, making me aware of the fresh sea I smelt the moment before. As I searched the surface for the male sea lion to surface again he jumped out of the water creating an arc with his reflection in the water. Nature had been amazing and I had my first subject.

Sea Lion Jumping off Catalina Island
Sea Lion Jumping off Catalina Island
Sea Lion by Stephanie Burns
Sea Lion by Stephanie Burns 2016
Oil on canvas
36 x 48 in
© Stephanie Burns

The painting created from the moment the male sea lion jumped is very different from the photo. I use photographs as a memory jogger. A camera does not see the way we see, it doesn’t feel the air, it can’t smell, it doesn’t see the surface and see through the water at the same time. When I paint a subject like this I am not Stephanie Burns standing on a boat with a camera watching a sea lion. I am the sea lion. I feel the air as he jumps from the wet to the air, I feel the water dripping off him, i feel his intention to nose dive back into the water. Most importantly I feel his sense of pride as he shows off to the humans on the boat watching him in front of the females on the pontoon. What male doesn’t feel great when he knows he just pulled off a perfect jump. Bonus, all the girls were watching.

We cruised over towards the shore, the captain pointed out the sea lions and pubs basking in the sun. One of them raised herself onto her front flippers and arched her neck back.

DSC01543There it was another perfect moment.

The sea lion in the water is a great balance to the two on the shore. The background of the hillside wasn’t right. As we turned towards Avalon the water was so aqua and clear it was incredible. A white rock stood out in the distance, there was a sea lion pup lying on the white rock. We got closer he didn’t move. No performance for the humans today from him.

DSC01549 (1)

In my mind I can see my sea lions on that rock.

Detail of Sea Lions by Stephanie Burns
Detail of Sea Lions by Stephanie Burns 2016
Oil on canvas
36 x 48 in
© Stephanie Burns

I have my second subject for a painting.

Back at the hotel I start to do a study to see if the structure I have in mind works as a painting.


The colours work the structure is right, I know when I get back to my Hollywood studio that I can start work on a large oil painting.

Sea Lions by Stephanie Burns
Sea Lions by Stephanie Burns 2016
Oil on canvas
36 x 48 in
© Stephanie Burns

The finished painting evokes the experience of that day. You can even feel the sea lion in the water swimming towards the rock.