Whales And Other Cetacea

Migaloo and other Cetacea

Migaloo is the white humpback whale that travels up and down the east coast of Australia each migration season. He was sighted recently slapping his fluke on the surface of the ocean and frolicking with another humpback. If you would like to lean more about Migaloo and why I paint him please click this link for the catalalogue. Migaloo the white humpback whale  

I have painted Migaloo twenty five times over the last 4 years. For me he epitomises freedom, the joyous way he moves through the ocean is an inspiration to us all. All the clients who own these whale paintings speak of the great joy that they give them. With the paintings of Migaloo the clients feel the paintings are the great white whale, they are with him when they look at them and they feel peace and happiness. If you would like a painting of Migaloo or any of the other Cetaceans I paint please a contact me through the form below.





Sea Lions by Stephanie Burns
Sea Lions 2016 by Stephanie Burns Oil on canvas 36 x 48 in Signed bottom right. © Stephanie Burns


Sea Lions by Stephanie Burns 2016

On a recent trip to LA, I went to Catalina Island and painted the sea lions on the rocks. I was so impressed that Catalina Island has set up a conservancy for the nature on the island and in the waters. Catalina was very inspiring to visit and these Sea Lions living in their natural habitat were gorgeous.

I want you to feel like you are there on the boat with me. Smelling the ocean, and then that waft of fishiness brings a frown to your burrow. It doesn’t matter though as you look over beyond the aqua water at the sea lions on the rock. As you get closer one jumps off the rock and inquisitive as he is comes slightly towards the boat. He is young and boisterous, he can sense your interest and begins to play and show off in the water.

I painted this painting so that your memories, igniting all your senses, of that time you saw sea lions in nature will be felt in your home. Brining alive once more that sense of oneness with nature.


Sea Lion, Stephanie Burns, oil painting, painting, artist
Sea Lion 2016, By Stephanie Burns, Oil on canvas, 36 x 48 in, Signed bottom left. © Stephanie Burns


Sea Lion by Stephanie Burns 2016

On a recent trip to California I painted Longbeach, Sea Lions and a Blue Whale. I often paint Islands so Catalina Island was my first port of call. We took a helicopter trip over the island, went on a submarine then on a boat around past Lover’s cove and saw the sea lions. There were so many and they were so beautiful. I painted the sea lions on the rocks and an individual I saw jumping out of the water. His shadow was reflected in a curve as he jumped, it was a magical moment.



Blue Whale by Stephanie Burns
Blue Whale by Stephanie Burns 2016 Oil on canvas 36 x 48 in © Stephanie Burns


Blue Whale by Stephanie Burns 2016

I paint whales to bring that feeling we get from being around a creature so incredible and ancient into your home. You remember that moment whale watching when you hear the water break and the release of air from the whales blow hole. Your heart pounds with excitement and the feeling of joy washes over you. Then just as you are savouring that exalted feeling the fluke breaks the surface and the whale dives. It’s as though you didn’t breath while the whale was in your sites and then you and all those around you make a noise as all the humans let go of the breath they have been holding, the breath they caught from the whale. That is what I hope you will feel from this painting.

In May, I flew out to Los Angeles to paint coastal scenes of California for a film series. The documentary about is a series on “Put Some Colour In Your Life” which was filmed in Los Angeles and will be released internationally on 10 August 2016.

I began painting whales in 2013, there are now 27 whale paintings. Most are of Migaloo the white humpback whale who travels the east coast of Australia. When I came over to LA for the show I already had the idea I wanted to paint a Blue Whale. They are incredibly elusive to see in person, the beauty and size is very difficult to conceptualise. I hope this is the first of many paintings of this great creature, the largest of all living animals ever know to have existed. For a hundred years they were hunted almost to extinction, today it is estimated there are approximately 25,000. They are still in danger though, I paint whales to bring nature into your home. The closer we are to these great creatures the more we will appreciate them and strive to make them safe.




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