Abstract Paintings

Abstract Paintings by Stephanie Burns

Sometimes we need colour and intelligence without distractions. These beautiful, whimsical paintings of space or perhaps water allow for dreaming. Meditation by paint. A place of calm and contentment.



Stephanie Burns, Serenity, painting, art, artist, oil painting, on linen, abstract, blue
Stephanie Burns Serenity 2015 Oil on Linen 137 x 199 cm © Stephanie Burns 2018


Stephanie Burns Under Water
Stephanie Burns Under Water 2015 Oil on Linen 84 X 168 cm © Stephanie Burns


Stephanie Burns, Harmony
Stephanie Burns Harmony 2015 Oil on canvas 71 x 117 cm © Stephanie Burns


Lavender Mist,oil painting,artist, Stephanie Burns
Lavender Mist 2015, by Stephanie Burns, Oil on canvas, 127 x 82 cm, © Stephanie Burns


Out In The Rain,Stephanie Burns, Oil on canvas, oil painting, abstract
Out In The Rain 2015, by Stephanie Burns, Oil on canvas, 101 x 76 cm, © Stephanie Burns