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California. I love Los Angeles, you don’t hear people say that often. I have been coming here since I was 19 years old and have lived here on and off since 2013.

I love the light and the people, the architecture, the hills and the beach. One of the great galleries in Los Angeles, LA Louver is in Venice just a few streets away from this view.

I was standing on the jetty looking back to shore, when out of know where this huge sequence of waves rolled in. I’d never seen the back of a wave from that angle before. It was so beautiful it became the subject of this painting and a TV show I did in 2016.

You can view the TV show here.

Venice Beach, Stephanie Burns, artist, painting, oil, seascape, california, iconic
Venice Beach California 2016, By Stephanie Burns, Oil on canvas, 36 x 48 in, Signed bottom left. © Stephanie Burns 2018



In 2013 I began painting whales and other sea mammals.

I paint whales to bring that feeling we get from being around a creature so incredible and ancient into your home. You remember that moment whale watching when you hear the water break and the release of air from the whales blow hole. Your heart pounds with excitement and the feeling of joy washes over you. Then just as you are savouring that exalted feeling the fluke breaks the surface and the whale dives. It’s as though you didn’t breath while the whale was in your sites and then you and all those around you make a noise as all the humans let go of the breath they have been holding, the breath they caught from the whale. That is what I hope you will feel from this painting.

I began painting whales in 2013, there are now 27 whale paintings, all sold except for this one which hasn’t been exhibited yet. Most are of Migaloo the white humpback whale who travels the east coast of Australia. When I came over to LA for the show I already had the idea I wanted to paint a Blue Whale. They are incredibly elusive to see in person, the beauty and size is very difficult to conceptualise. I hope this is the first of many paintings of this great creature, the largest of all living animals ever know to have existed. For a hundred years they were hunted almost to extinction, today it is estimated there are approximately 25,000. They are still in danger though, I paint whales to bring nature into your home. The closer we are to these great creatures the more we will appreciate them and strive to make them safe.

Blue Whale by Stephanie Burns
Blue Whale by Stephanie Burns 2016 Oil on canvas 36 x 48 in © Stephanie Burns


On a recent trip to LA, I went to Catalina Island and painted the sea lions on the rocks. I was so impressed that Catalina Island has set up a conservancy for the nature on the island and in the waters. Catalina was very inspiring to visit and these Sea Lions living in their natural habitat were gorgeous.

I want you to feel like you are there on the boat with me. Smelling the ocean, and then that waft of fishiness brings a frown to your burrow. It doesn’t matter though as you look over beyond the aqua water at the sea lions on the rock. As you get closer one jumps off the rock and inquisitive as he is comes slightly towards the boat. He is young and boisterous, he can sense your interest and begins to play and show off in the water.

I painted this painting so that your memories, igniting all your senses, of that time you saw sea lions in nature will be felt in your home. Brining alive once more that sense of oneness with nature.


Sea Lions 2016, By Stephanie Burns, oil painting, nature painting, sea lions, catalina island
Sea Lions 2016, By Stephanie Burns, Oil on canvas, 36 x 48 in, © Stephanie Burns




Algebra by Stephanie Burns
Algebra by Stephanie Burns 2018 Oil on Canvas 60 x 48 cm


I was struggling with the title of this painting. The painting has been finished for more than a month and a name wasn’t coming.
This work encompasses so much, there were too many influences in the end and I simplified.

All my work is mathematical, it speaks in other languages besides words and image and is open to many interpretations.
It suggests music, the intricacies of microscopic worlds or the vastness of space.
The colors are based on a place we lived when I was a small child. Exmouth, a place where the red desert meets the dark sea. Also an American base at the time, no town back then. My young parents were adventurous taking two small children to live in a caravan in the desert.
At one point I wondered off into the desert alone. Fear crept in as I realised I was lost and alone. Looking down at the red earth and my tiny feet in appropriate shoes. I came across a snake. This is one of my first memories and it’s like a picture in my mind. Look at at the tiny sand dune I had to walk up to see over each time. The spiky grass bushes. Around the moment of the snake slithering off. I have memories of an Aboriginal family in traditional clothing walking parallel to me on a rise in the distance. They didn’t approach. They just walked me to my friend’s camp and left.

As I get older more memories come back from this time and this amazing place. In the middle of nowhere. In the middle of nowhere only exists in space now as we have filled all the middles with places.

Other influences. Australia in general, Impressionism, aerial view, memories, an artist friend Robert Natkin, Damian Hirst, tattoos, my previous paintings.


4th of July by Stephanie Burns
4th of July 2018 by Stephanie Burns Oil on Canvas 60 x 48 in © Stephanie Burns



Lilium 2018, By Stephanie Burns
Lilium 2018, By Stephanie Burns, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 48 in, © Stephanie Burns


“These new flower paintings, not unlike Bacon, are almost figurative pieces, the flower represented in its singularity as having a personality. When Van Gogh painted his flowers he was said to be painting at the manic rate of around three paintings a day, in all states of blossoming and wilting, on the edge of death, grasping onto the preciousness of life. The way these two artists see the world comes out in this same kind of paradox, this obsession with life and death fuels them to master their craft. For Burns these flowers have a life beyond a pleasing decorative object, but a part of this ecosystem, and more like something fundamental to our planet. That is both fragile, necessary and constantly changing.” Laurence Fuller


Sunflower 2018, Stephanie Burns, sunflower, oil painting, sunflower painting, art, artist, post impressionism, impressionist
Sunflower 2018, By Stephanie Burns, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 48 in, © Stephanie Burns



Lilies 2018,Stephanie Burns, oil painting, flower painting, lilies, art, artist
Lilies 2018, By Stephanie Burns, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 48 in, © Stephanie Burns



Orchids 2018, Stephanie Burns, flower painting, oil painting, art, artist
Orchids 2018, By Stephanie Burns, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 48 in, © Stephanie Burns




A couple of years ago I lived in Lake Arrowhead in California for 6 months. I loved it up there and had an amazing house. The lake was beautiful and I loved swimming in the deep dark water with family and friends.

There is an island in the lake and on the fourth of July many of the wealthy families that own properties up there bring there boasts and have picnics on the island. The island is very close to shore but very deep between creating that dark color of the water.

Stephanie Burns Island in the Lake 2013 Oil on linen






South Coast NSW

Arthur Boyd, one of Australia’s great artists, was a family friend. He had a property on the Shoalhaven River which he painted often. Many of his great paintings of the river I saw in his studio in Suffolk before they were exhibited in Australia.

A few years ago I lived south of this river, driving over it on my way to and from Sydney.

This is the view from the south side.

Shoalhaven River, Stephanie Burns, artist, art, oil painting, shoalhaven, river, shoalhaven river painting
Shoalhaven River 2013, By Stephanie Burns, Oil on canvas, 182 x 212 cm, © Stephanie Burns 2018


When I lived on the south coast there were many times of massive rain downpours.
I had just started this painting when it had been raining for weeks and one of my friends came in making a joke about the rain.

When I paint I need to see what I am painting, have it fill my eyes and my memory and then it flows through me to the canvas. I hadn’t seen anything but rain for weeks.

I thought I was going to do an abstract painting, when I stepped back to my canvas I could see I was painting rain reflections.


Stephanie Burns, Serenity, painting, art, artist, oil painting, on linen, abstract, blue
Stephanie Burns Serenity 2015 Oil on Linen 137 x 199 cm © Stephanie Burns 2018


My father was a great boating man. He was still alive when I started this painting. But his illness was too much. He needed to leave. I a glad to say he escaped and is in a much better place.

That was my interpretation of “Crocodile Rock” but of course everyone has their own story. Paintings only speak to their viewers.

Crocodile Rock 2011, By Stephanie Burns, painting, art, aerial view, artist
Crocodile Rock 2011, By Stephanie Burns, Acrylic on canvas, 101.5 x 121 cm, © Stephanie Burns


Australia is a vast continent that has many uninhabited areas. Some where there are still places where the forest meets the sea.

Stephanie Burns, Bruny Island, Tasmania, aerial, view, painting, art, artist, Stephanie Burns Fine Art, cliffs, ocean, rocks
Where The Forest Meets The Sea 2011, By Stephanie Burns, Acrylic on canvas, 137 x 198 cm,



This is a gorgeous painting, very blurred in nature. Very like my vision underwater when diving.

Stephanie Burns Under Water
Stephanie Burns Under Water 2015 Oil on Linen 84 X 168 cm © Stephanie Burns



I lived in Bath in England in the eighties and raised my young family there. I go back every few years and visit friends and family that still live there.

When I lived in Bath I had an amazing glass conservatory studio. Many of my early sculptures were made there. The light was great, sometimes blinding and I had to install shading. Bath is really beautiful and green. Before I moved there I hadn’t realised it was so beautiful and green because it rained so often.

Not a good thing for an Australian artist. For some years the overhead clouds were oppressive. Now I love them. Bath is one of my favourite places to paint the sky.


Stephanie Burns, Royal Crescent, Bath, painting, artist
Royal Crescent – Bath 2014, By Stephanie Burns Acrylic on paper, 36 x 57 cm, © Stephanie Burns