Stephanie Burns

Stephanie Burns

Stephanie Burns Fine Art

Nature and the natural world have always been at the heart my work. Essentially a Post Impressionist artist in the era of global warming, I am inspired by the innate beauty of life and the sea.

Creating art that shouts the incredible joy that I feel about the sea and the creatures in it. I use colours which are true to nature to capture the essence of life.

And for me, it is always about water…

Painting icons and natural beauty from around the world – of land, sky and water – is something I will continue to explore. Incredible architecture juxtaposed with nature inspires me to paint more iconic buildings and swimming pools set against the natural world.

Over my life the world has changed, I paint the world as it is with the knowledge of what it has been and the fear of what it will become ecologically.

My Aqua Burns business is all about making beautiful patterns and designs for people to enjoy as they go about their everyday lives. A simple throw cushion with one of my island paintings, or my overheads of icons such as Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach can add colour and light to the everyday and I consult with fashion designers to make beautiful fabrics for their collections. And for those people who already know and love these images, my icon-inspired designs perhaps provide an opportunity to hold something cherished ‘just a little bit closer’.


Stephanie Burns has worked in the arts industry in Britain and Australia for the last thirty years. During this time Stephanie Burns has exhibited professionally as an artist, published a magazine, edited several books on art, founded and run a not-for-profit art foundation and organized lectures and published pamphlets of lectures by people who are experts in their fields within the arts internationally. These lectures were held at institutions such as The Tate Gallery and The Courtauld Institute of Art in London.

As a professional artist Stephanie has won a number of awards and produced art works for twenty-two solo exhibitions and over eighty group exhibitions in Britain and Australia. Stephanie has been a finalist in major prizes such as the Fleurieu Art Prize, the Blake prize, Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London and art fairs in London and throughout Australia. As a commercial art gallery director she curated over a hundred exhibitions, as an art lecturer Stephanie taught at the National Art School in Sydney.