Stephanie trained in Life drawing from 1984 -90.

Her solo exhibition in 1998 exclusively of drawing was “Collage”, Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. These collages are all very large pastel drawings.

img0001 (2)SBBalbecStephanie_Burns_TheLadyandTheUnicornTheUnicornDipshisHornintotheCreek

These are some old sketches from my life drawing days.

For 20 years I sculpted and exhibited figures and still-lives.


About 10 years ago I had trouble with my hands and began to paint again instead of sculpt. Here are some of my family portraits. The one of me was done during the last months of my father’s life, he had brain cancer and that was a very harrowing time as you can see.


Some of my major paintings over the last few years have included paintings of tiny people on the beach or in Sydney Harbour.


I apologise for not having more of my live drawings to show you, I’ve never photographed them as I don’t sell them. They are just a part of my studio portfolio. No doubt when I get back to Australia I will correct this and make sure I have a photographic record.