Sponsoring the Arts

We were very proud to be 2016 sponsors for the Australian Theatre Company in Los Angeles. I am so pleased to say that my painting Long Beach California sold at the Gala to raise funds for the future of theatre in LA. Currently it’s the Aussies that are leading the charge. Congratulations ATC!!!  

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Creating Balance In Your Life

Creating a balance in your life between high energy and invigorating stimuli and meditative and contemplative moments can be achieved with paintings. I paint landscapes and seascapes for your aesthetic pleasure and that of your family. We are here to enhance your every day life through imagination and creativity. Take a look at the range of […]

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Art Was Night And Day

“We really lived in a milieu of artists writers and philosophers, so everything was art. People like Roger Scruton, who is a British philosopher, and Howard Jacobson who is a prize winning novelist, all these people were just part of our milieu so art was night and day.” Stephanie Burns, Fine Art Tips with Colour In […]

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Australian Artist on US TV Series

STEPHANIE BURNS CREATES JOY Burns joins “Put Some Colour in Your Life” and shows us what her art feels like in this must-see episode HOLLYWOOD, CA “It’s really difficult to talk about nature.  I think that’s because we feel nature and we smell nature and in some ways that’s sort of like art, too.  It’s […]

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