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Today I entered my first Art Prize in many years

In September I return to Australia after a 10 month residency in Los Angeles.

I needed time out to build a body of paintings away for the public in the privacy of my studio.

For many years my work sold even before I finished painting or through private commissions. One hundred and thirty artworks, paintings and sculptures sold in a very few years.

I felt depleted and needed time away to think and create in private, perhaps even in secret. During this time I was in an exhibition in Los Angeles, Elysium Verto. Large works were exhibited alongside artist friends and some of the great masters, Francis Bacon and Delacroix to name a few. The exhibition was curated by Laurence Fuller and contained my latest paintings and older works including sculptures. Click here to read the Blog

Because I sold most of my current and past stock during those crazy 4 years I had no work to enter prizes. Now I do and these two flower pantings have been entered into the Paddington Art Prize. A new life begins, I have found my wings and will again fly.

Lilium Artist’s Statement

It was my dear Aunt’s funeral. We had just buried her and the mourners were all gone but immediate family. Looking around the dry desert graveyard on a hot summers day there was one bright spark of life. These Liliums lay on the ground, wrapped in cellophane, waving at us as though she was there. Ooohoo, here I am darlings, don’t leave me here.

When we took them back to the house and I put them in a vase they came to life, opening with more abundance each day.

There was no note on the flowers, it probably blew away with the wind. Perhaps Fran left them there for us so she could be around just that little bit longer.

My time with my dear aunt has finished but I had more time than others because I got to paint this flower and hear her voice while doing so for several more months.

In Memory of Frances Burns.

Lilium 2018, By Stephanie Burns
Lilium 2018, By Stephanie Burns, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 48 in, © Stephanie Burns



Sunflower Artist’s Statement

Almost figurative, verging on a having a personality.

Bought at my local farmer’s market in Hollywood, Los Angeles on a recent residency. This flower welcomed me to the dawn of each day. Brining memories of art lives past and mentors honoured.


Sunflower 2018, Stephanie Burns, sunflower, oil painting, sunflower painting, art, artist, post impressionism, impressionist
Sunflower 2018, By Stephanie Burns, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 48 in, © Stephanie Burns