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Migaloo Calf


A baby white whale has been spotted off the state’s far north coast.

Image Credit © Kynan Wall 2018
Yirili Image Credit © Kynan Wall 2018


This week Kynan Wall got in touch with me when I posted his image on Instagram with the story about the sighting of a white humpback calf being sighted off the east coast of Australia.

As you all know I have painted the great white humpback whale, Migaloo, twenty five times now.

I have amazing news. Kynan has given me permission to create paintings based on his images. I usually change images I see and let my imagination move the creatures around in my mind. Kynan’s photographs are pretty amazing though so I am really grateful for the permission.

My new paintings of Yirili will be available for commission or pre-purchase over the next 6  months. As will all the Migaloo paintings there will be 3 sizes, small medium and large, and all will be in oil paint. Contact for more information.

During our conversation I learnt more about the calf and Kynan.

“Hi! Love your work!
It’d be great if you’d like to paint Yirili using my photo!
(I’m not indigenous… just thought it’d be nice to acknowledge the local bundjalung people and name the calf using the local language)

I am a sailor and a pilot and if this pic can raise awareness for doing something about helping the ocean it would be absolutely amazing!” Kynan Wall

Video courtesey of Kynan Wall. Still image from Kynan Wall and Out Of The Blue Adventures

Click here to watch video White Whale Calf Spotted Off Lennox Head

Image Credit © Kynan Wall 2018
Yirili Image Credit © Kynan Wall 2018


I first heard of the calf through a story reported in

By Bruce MacKenzie and Leah White

Kynan Wall saw what appears to be an albino humpback calf while he was para-gliding near Lennox Head on the weekend.

He said it was a special experience.

“We see whales a lot when we’re flying along there but I’ve never seen a whale calf that was that pale or even that small,” Mr Wall said.

“So it was obviously a very new whale and quite a special thing to see.”I was pretty excited to I got a few photos and a bit of video as well.”

A reminder of past Migaloo portraits and commissions.
Strangely I painted Yirili 5 years ago, before he was born.
The Beauty of Whales by Stephanie Burns
The Beauty of Whales 2013 by Stephanie Burns Oil on Canvas 121 x 199 cm SOLD © Stephanie Burns


Migaloo, Jumping, Stephanie Burns
Migaloo Jumping By Stephanie Burns Oil on Canvas 91 x 152 cm SOLD © Stephanie Burns


Stephanie Burns, Migaloo and Shark
Stephanie Burns, Migaloo and Shark 2013 Oil on canvas 215 x 122 cm SOLD © Stephanie Burns



Stephanie Burns, Migaloo Slapping 2013 Oil on canvas 137 x 198 cm SOLD © Stephanie Burns



Stephanie Burns, Migaloo’s lazy morning 2013 Oil on canvas, 121 x 182 cm SOLD © Stephanie Burns



Stephanie Burns, Migaloo Diving 2013 Oil on canvas, 168 x 199 cm SOLD