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Elysium Vert Part 2

ELYSIUM VERTO Exhibition Part II: More pics from the opening last weekend, there was a lot of passion and powerful conversations happening in that room, thank you to everyone who came out and to all those who made this exhibition possible. The exhibition continues online until April 10th:…/exhibit…/elysium-verto/…

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Scot Boland, Stephanie Burns, Laurence Fuller,elysium verto
Scot Boland, Stephanie Burns and Laurence Fuller


“As our media and public figures have taken off in the digital realm, the peak of the intangible is near, real painters like these are becoming rarer and rarer, but those who have stayed the course will be there when the tide turns and it will turn.
I often use art in my work as an actor, I seek out works which will stimulate my subconscious in a particular direction. Sometimes these images can be disturbing if it’s a thriller or a dark world the filmmaker is creating. Or for love I turn to the beauty of the post-Impressionists and Neo-Romantics. For my own life I want to be instigated by visions of paradise, not as an ultimate end but poetry in motion, each day is different yet spiralling upwards towards a spectre of hope. Pieces that affirm my world and my life are to be cherished in its state of flux, in Verto” Laurence Fuller



Red by Stephanie Burns
Red by Stephanie Burns


Stephanie Burns,Michelle Smoller,sculpture, elysium verto, exhibition, opening, los angleles
Stephanie Burns with Michelle Smoller talking sculpture.


The opening went for 4 hours and 60 people came out in the pouring rain to attend.

Thank you to everyone who made it to the opening. The exhibition will be online until 10th April.

Please contact for more information.

Laurence Fuller


Stephanie Burns



Coco Pops Lloyd, Michelle Smoller,Stephanie Burns, elysium verto, exhibition, painting,art,artist,los angleles, art show
Coco Pops Lloyd, Michelle Smoller and Stephanie Burns


Stephanie Burns, Danny Pratt,Laurence Fuller, elysium verto, exhibition, los angeles, art, opening, hollywoood
Stephanie Burns, Danny Pratt and Laurence Fuller


Laurence Fuller,Brett Bailey, painting, elysiun verto, opening, exhibition, los angleles, art, art show
Laurence Fuller discussing Brett Bailey painting


Laurence Fuller, elysium verto
Laurence Fuller


Laurence Fuller, Danny Pratt
Claudia Chaseling Paintings


Laurence Fuller, Hunter Lee Hughes,Jon Cvack, elysium verto, exhibition los angleles, opening, art, artists, paintings
Laurence Fuller with Hunter Lee Hughes and Jon Cvack




Laurence Fuller,Hunter Lee Hughes, Jon Cvack
Laurence Fuller with Hunter Lee Hughes and Jon Cvack


Laurence Fuller with Hunter Lee Hughes and Jon Cvack
Laurence Fuller with Hunter Lee Hughes and Jon Cvack


Bronze Skull by Stephanie Burns
Bronze Skull by Stephanie Burns


Stephanie Burns,Coco Pops Lloyds,elysium verto, exhibition, opening, art, artist, los angeles
Stephanie Burns with Coco Pops Lloyds and partner discussing “Red”.
Stephanie Burns, Michelle Smoller, Coco Pops Lloyd,Richard Jordan,elysium verto, art, painting,opening, exhibition, los angeles, art show, artist
Stephanie Burns, Michelle Smoller, Coco Pops Lloyd and Richard Jordan