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At The Filming Of The TV Program

Yesterday the team from Put Some Colour In Your Life came into my studio to do a program on my work. During the program I start a painting of Longbeach from the Pier from scratch. I mean one of those scary blank white canvases. Graeme Stevenson and Sophie Stacey were great, they made me feel at ease with their professionalism and their friendliness.

There is always a worry that the show won’t go the way I hoped for or the painting won’t go well. Inviting people into my studio is always a bit nerve wracking because you never can predict the reaction of the viewer. Obviously people make judgements as soon as they walk in and no one want to hear negative comments about new work. Graeme and Sophia sat down with me and went through all the photos I had chosen for the program and we discussed art, artists, nature and the structure of aesthetic beauty. The Golden Ratio and fractals are also one of Graeme’s interests.

The program will be on YouTube in the next 6-8 weeks.