Beauty and Nature

Stephanie’s paintings evoke that feeling of being in nature. Engaging with beauty and nature lifts your spirits and nourishes your soul. We understand that and help you engage with nature through art and design, creating a beautiful home that is inspiring, nurturing and creative. To see the current paintings that are avaliable Click Here.

Stephanie has just come back from LA where I was on a TV show retrospective of her work and life Click Here.

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Palm Trees Longbeach by Stephanie Burns

Palm Trees Longbeach by Stephanie Burns 2016
Oil on canvas
36 x 48 in
© Stephanie Burns

One hundred and twenty of my paintings sold in the past three years, many of them on commission. Unable to keep up with demand for original paintings, I decided to branch out and produce apparel and homewares using my pattern making skills. I have created magnificent patterns so that everyone can now share in the world of Aqua Burns our new luxury brand. Click here for more information about paintings transformed into designs.

Aqua Burns Galleria  Are you looking for a new design philosophy that embraces technology and nature. A movement that gives you luxury and style, that knows you are complicated and unique.  

Your uniqueness has inspired an artist to create something that has never been made or seen in the world before. Aqua Burns Galleria is our new Emporium where you have the potential to be a part of the next great movement in design history.  Learn More

We all know that great design produces positive effects on your life

We all know that great design produces positive effects on your life, enhancing your sense of wellbeing, happiness and a positive self image. Join the Movement.